Meet Kebbi,
A Senior-Friendly Social Robot For Ageing Care Facilities

A Touch Of Local Content By SilverActivities,
Delivered By Kebbi.

Seize the Opportunity in Eldercare with Kebbi

Discover Kebbi, our companion in redefining eldercare through the warmth of technology. Explore how this social robot blends into the daily lives of the elderly, providing not just companionship but also a sparkle of joy and marvel.

Kebbi is powered by SilverActivities, renowned for offering a suite of senior-friendly technology including SilverPad and Cognitive games to the local eldercare ecosystem. Exclusively designed for Singapore's ageing care facilities and healthcare, Kebbi shines in its commitment to improving the daily experiences and well-being of the elderly, setting a new standard in robotic companionship.

Engage, Entertain, and Connect with Kebbi

Unlike most social robots designed for kids, Kebbi coupled with SilverActivities is specially tailored to provide popular, age-appropriate content for seniors. Together, Kebbi and SilverActivities is bridging the gaps in social robots for eldercare to deliver relevant content that entertains, educates and elicits joy.

From memory-stimulating Picture Trivia games to culturally rich storytelling, every interaction is designed to nurture cognitive health and evoke cherished memories. Kebbi communicates fluently in both English and Mandarin, offering content that suit the preferences of the elderly in Singapore.

Affordable Innovation with Exceptional Support

We're making it easier to bring robots into Singapore's eldercare, tackling the usual challenges like procuring them and finding local help. Our commitment goes beyond simply offering a robot; we promise a lasting partnership. 

For the first time in Singapore, SilverActivities introduces an affordable social robot specifically designed for our local seniors. Kebbi along with SilverActivities, represents a seamless blend of high-quality content, cost-effective innovation, and unparalleled local support. Enjoy the advantages of ongoing updates and support, guaranteeing that Kebbi continues to be an indispensable and beloved companion for seniors.

Connect for a Brighter Tomorrow

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Our Trusted Partners

Kebbi is developed by the Taiwan based company NUWA Robotics and is distributed in Singapore by Lyza Education ensuring a seamless and high-standard introduction into the local eldercare landscape.



SilverActivities develops easy-to-use products and applications for the elderly to enable increased independence, avoid social isolation and stay engaged. We are a team of neuroscientists, developers, and game designers that strive to create fun activities that аrе locally relevant, cognitively stimulating, and engaging.

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