Fun Activities For Singapore Seniors

Activities contribute to a sense of independence, expression and accomplishment in our seniors. SilverActivities provides activities for elderlies and helps them stay engaged and active.

Digital Activities

We have created Singapore relevant digital activities that can be played on big screens like a projector or TV to engage seniors in a group. They can also being used on tablets or mobile phones to engage seniors 1-on-1.


Cognitive Programme

Our cognitive programme provides brain exercises adapted from research. Our games are multi-lingual (English, Chinese, Malay), senior friendly and designed with adaptive intelligence.


Worksheets For Dementia

These Singapore focussed activities can be printed at home and used to keep a person with dementia or an elderly involved. It contains math worsksheets, pairing activities as well as coloring and tracing art sheets.


Bingo Activities

Bingo is a popular group activity in senior centres in Singapore as well as all over the world. We created multiple fun and Singapore relevant variations of this popular game. Ready to try Emoji Bingo?


SilverActivities is being used with by many centres in Singapore