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Meaningful Games and Activities for Elderly

Activities contribute to a sense of independence, expression and accomplishment in our seniors.

Local and Relevant Activities For Seniors, Anywhere, Anytime!

~ Testimonials ~

Pratiti Kaji About SilverPad

Rehab Manager
@ Lions Home For The Elders

Gelena Giselle Anandarajah About SilverPad

Centre Manager
@ Hovi Care

Edward Tang About Digital Activities

Programme Executive
@ Care Corner Seniors Services Ltd

Over 100 senior centres across Singapore use our activities regularly. Try our activities today.


SilverPad is a senior-friendly tablet with a simple, multilingual interface to help seniors use technology independently and stay engaged.

Digital Activities

Digital Activities are FREE group activities for engaging the elderly. Play these games on a big screen and have fun!

[NEW] Interactive Games

Our FREE Interactive games are designed for 1-1 interaction. Play these games on a computer or a tablet for maximum fun!

Bingo Activities

Our FREE Bingo Activities provide fun variations of this popular game. Ready to try Emoji Bingo?

Dementia Friendly Sheets

Math. Art. Maze. Word Search. Engage your loved one with these fun and cognitively stimulating physical activities!


We conduct events for elderlies to promote interaction among them with real-time leaderboards.

SilverActivities at Digital Inclusion Festival 2019 by IMDA


SilverActivities is being used with ♥️ by many centres in Singapore

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