Old Singapore Videos For Reminiscence

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Old Singapore

Remember Singapore 回到過去 - 新加坡

Singapore from Year 1955

Singapore in the 80s!

Sing Singapore Medley 1990

1913 - Firewalk Festival

1950 - Colorful Singapore

1951 - Cathay/Oriental Theatre

1951 - Singapore's Outskirts

1960s - Old Singapore

1960 - Singapore Harbour

1960 - Singapore Sago Lane

1961 - Raffles Hotel

1964 - Old Singapore

1975 - Singapore Harbour

1983 - Another Day At Quay

1983 - Teochew Chinese Opera

Old TV

Iconic Singaporean dramas of the 90s/00s

Anti-Smoking Campaign 1987

TV Commercials (1993)

Singtel Call Waiting

LTA Bus Service

Old Singapore Airlines Ad


90's Singapore commercials


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