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Category: Phones for Elderly

Essential Apps and Features For The Elderly: Radio and Games

Radio It is believed that first ever radio signals were sent and received in the year 1895. Television wasn’t a popular form of media till the mid 1900s. Older people still like to listen to the radio as it takes them back to their young age when they used to hear shows and songs on…

Essential Apps and Features for the Elderly: Video Calling and Voice Messaging

Technology has advanced a lot in the last few years and it has made life more comfortable for everyone including old people. Old people might not be as tech savvy as the younger generation however they can take a lot of benefits from the advancement in technology. Video Calling We are literally living in the…

5 must have features in phones for the elderly

Mobile phones aren’t the sole provision of the young; increasingly the elderly are using phones to connect and engage with their family, friends and wider world. When shopping for a phone for the elderly, there are a few key features which your choice of phone must have; regardless of whether you choose an Ino mobile…